Tamar Lev


Certificate of green Green building  Accompanied 

B. Design (Int) Diploma.

Graduated cum laud

My name is Tamar Lev, and I am an Israeli designer living and creating in London, UK. I have graduated with honors (Cum Laude) from the College of Management, completing a B.Design (Int), during which I have gained both theoretical and practical experience.


Some of my most prominent projects include local, as well as international practice - among such are a project focused on inclusive design (in collaboration with Servior Nursing Homes, Luxembourg); Leading a team project in William de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam, Netherlands); My final project focused on creating a new model in which community, environment and housing are incorporated together.


Also, I have gained significant practical experience with Israel’s top-tier architecture offices: Pitsou Kedem Architects (as part of “The Leaders III” – A project for outstanding students); And Yoav Messer Architects.


Having a passion for making people’s dreams a reality, I wish to do so through architecture and interior design, using the tools I have acquired during my studies and practical experience.


I encourage you to explore my works presented here, and hope you would enjoy them.