Final Project

Layers of  Nature


Different areas in the world very by different types of climate, topography, as well as a wide variety of cultures. Layers of Nature's main target was to create a new collaborative model in which community, environment and housing will be incorporated together. The idea is to create a type of living that will be able to fit anywhere in the world, thus this project's uniqueness lies in its adjustable mechanism.


My research focused on two extreme areas in Israel:  Sefad in the north and Ein Gedi in the south. These two areas present different climate, topography and vegetation, as well as different cultural characteristics. Therefore, my model accounts for each region's unique features.


I planed a different structure for each area. Each one is adaptable with regards to its environment, with one of its prominent features a double-skin system allowing it to adjust to the changing climate (both inter-area and during the year). This supports a high quality of life and maximum comfort for the tenants.


For example, the houses were planed to be built with a dynamic outer-envelope which changes depending on the day-light and according to the seasons. This outer layer uses innovative technologies, through which it regulates the entry of natural light, and provide passive heating during daytime. The skin can produce a connection between inside and outside of the structure and provide private. House's inner-layer provide ventilation and entrance of natural light, with double glazed glass used for isolation.


The model is designed to be shared with the global community, creating a network of like-houses people, sharing their home in all different areas of the world - spanning from pure-nature to urban cities. As more structures to be build in such manner, the bigger and greener the community is.