Life Breath

Irit 14, Neve Golan. Tel Aviv Jaffa, Israel


The project encompasses a building which is located in Tel Aviv, in a neighborhood characterized by “Train” buildings that were built during the 70's, with its population consist mainly of low socio-economic population. 

The idea was to create an hospitality resort, designed to attract new visitors into the neighborhood, thus allowing for integration with the local population. The resort was planned to offers water treatments and therapy, in attempt to create detachment from by the feeling of illusion.


Natural elements are incorporated into the structure itself: Sky, water, trees and natural light. All of these will produce reflections, shadows and transparencies that together create a sense of serenity and detachment from everyday life.

Site documentation was inspired by photographer Lee Friedlander. The focus was on both nature and urban areas, and used natural shadows, reflections and transparency. 

Plans and Sections

The new plans and sections create interactions between the different areas.

The new structure will create a new atmosphere in the neighborhood, accomplished by empowering natural landscape of trees and water, together with new materials.

By the integration with local and outside population, the site can offer new jobs for the locals, which in turn can enjoy the facilities and the interaction with the different guests visiting.

The movie deals with features of the building's environment. Among such: reflections, transparency, shadows, natural light, water and greenery.

Concept Movie