Designing The Timeline

Story Tellers


A project in collaboration with Servior Nursing Homes, Luxembourg. It was introduced in April 2016 as part of the Luxembourg Design Biennale.

The project focuses on the ideal inclusive design for elderly, and specifically for the demented population. Understanding the needs was based on several visits to Servior's centres, in-depth interviews with the elderly, as well as special consultation from field's professionals. 

Collecting & Editing

The project addresses two main issues: Attachment and Memories. The concept is to create a Pop-up platform for the elderly to document their stories and memories. Then, these will be edited and shared with their families and the community - supporting the attachment of the elderly to their environment.


These centres will be operated mostly by volunteers. The interaction between the volunteers and the elderly will also create new connections and relationships.


We made a short film that demonstrates the connections we have created with the elderly we have met. 


The stories will be shared with family, friend, other residents and with the volunteers. Structure's projection room will be booked in advance. After the projection, the space can be used for a sitting and bonding area for the elderly and their visitors - designed in a format that meets the specific story (e.g. painting, photography etc.). 

Margalit Lev

Design Biennale - Press

Andrei  Kudesh

Taji Marsea

Video Mapping

concept process